wellness wrangler &
mindstyle catalyst

Do you rush through the day feeling distracted and anxious?

Are you complaining about lack of sleep, focus, and energy?

I help busy professionals build resilience and thrive through change.

Hire Me

Hire me to work with you or your team. I love seeing my clients get that “aha moment” that leads to sustainable change. Learn why you don’t do the things you know you should, and how you can turn that around. My speaking and coaching provides individuals and teams with the skill power needed to harness calmness, clarity, and creativity.  In the spirit of camp, participants earn badges of wonder, connection, and renewal.

The Way of the Hammock

I share amazing stories from my life and work about the value relaxation, mindful living, and positivity has on achieving creativity and wellbeing. Learn the secret of having a designer’s mindset for a creative life.  I would love to speak to your organization about the value attention practices have on cultivating focus, creativity, and wellbeing. Find out how to purchase the book or schedule a presentation. sg

Marga Odahowski

I am a speaker, author, and lifestyle strategist.

My mission is to make your life and work easier by sharing simple, modern flourishing skills to build resiliency in the workplace. You will learn the value of  focus and the secret of how you pay attention that is a game changer.  I regularly speak and work with individuals, groups, and organizations on the topics of creativity and wellbeing at work. I live near the Blue Ridge Mountains in beautiful Charlottesville, Virginia.

Here’s more about my background

My education and experience includes a MSE in Counseling Education from the University of Wisconsin and serving on the faculty at University of Virginia for 24 years as Assistant Director for Health Promotion and the Director of Studies for the International Residential College. I have additional training in coaching, yoga, and mindfulness. I am currently a guest entrepreneur in the iLab at the University of Virginia, exploring creative ways to bring wellbeing to the masses.


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