The Way of the Hammock


“Hammocking is a verb.”


The Way of the Hammock provides a busy person with practical ways to build resilience and enhance creativity. I share simple techniques and powerful stories that emphasize the value of  strengthening decision making and achieving greater wellbeing.

I also draw on a designer’s method of visualization and reiteration to help you maintain beauty and ease throughout the change process. Designers know that a playful attitude and mindset are essential to insight and innovation … and why should they have all the fun!

You’ll learn to:

  • Implement simple, straightforward techniques for overcoming challenges
  • Make confident decisions with one easy practice
  • Use a design tool to enhance your creativity and reduce stress

It may seem counter intuitive in our busy world that taking the time to relax will help us to be productive. The truth is that when we practice active relaxation we are changing our neural pathways and creating a calmer mind.

Favorite Practices

Joy walking

Future mapping

Asking beautiful questions

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